About Sharon Charitable Trust

SHARON CHARITABLE TRUST was established and founded in 2004, in response to the horrible conditions of children and communities witnessed in rural India during Agricultural poverty in the early 2004s.

The charitable trust is a registered non-governmental, religious and non-profitable social service organization established in 2004, with the sole objective of serving two segments of neglected people in distress, the old destitute with no trace of family and the abandoned young ones. We have been successfully rendering service to humane for the past Fourteen years in Kinathukadavu village, Pollachi – near Coimbatore.

We believe that investing in children is the best long-term strategy in ending Indian’s continuous conflict, poverty, ignorance, fear, and neglect and to establish peace, stability, and prosperity in India and beyond its borders.

Over the years we have gained the necessary experience to build SHARON CHARITABLE TRUST and maintain solid working relationships with Indian Ministries, Provincial officials and local community leaders in the areas where we operate. Our work is supported through key partnerships we have developed with other organizations, individual donors, and foundations.

We are helping several Poor Orphan Children, Old Age People, Poor People below Poverty line, Widows without help, Farmers in losses, People who Thirst for Water and People who could not have their basic need.

Sharon Charitable Trust


Our vision is to eradicate poverty and to change the life of the people suffering from poverty by making them self-sustainable.


The mission of Sharon Charitable Trust is to serve and excel in care for poor communities through education and healthcare.